• Dora García: I Always Tell The Truth

    5 December 2018 — 17 February 2019


    What is truth and who speaks the truth? In her exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall, Dora Garcia explores the concept of truth; through film, drawings, text and performance. Today, when the division between true and false appears increasingly dissolved and when the occurrence of ‘fake news’ makes it hard to assess the veracity of statements, Dora Garcia’s exhibition appears as an important space for dialogue.
    The text I Always Tell The Truth – which also is the title of the exhibition – can be seen as part of the chalk drawings that cover the facade, walls and floors of the Konsthall. The sentence is retrieved from an interview with the French psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan that appeared on French television in 1973. Lacan´s answer to the first question in this well debated interview made at the end of Lacan´s career was “I always tell the truth, but not all the truth”. In the exhibition Dora García weaves together various notions and perspectives on truth with references from art, literature, film and psychoanalysis.

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  • Patricia Dauder: Alineacions

    29 November 2018 — 6 January 2019


    One more year, the Joan Miró Foundation marks the end-of-year festivities with an artistic proposal made exclusively for the occasion. This year Patricia Dauder will present “Alineacions” a new work that arises from her research on astronomic phenomenas and, in this particular case, on the Christmas star. Patricia Dauder’s interest in astronomy, and in the importance of the starry sky in many cultures, connects with a part of Miró’s iconography, in which steles and constellations are clear images.

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  • Patricia Dauder: XIV Bienal de Cuenca

    23 November 2018 — 3 February 2019


    Under the title Estructuras vivientes. El arte como experiencia plural, the curatorial proposal for the biennial is an invitation to reflect on the way we relate to art focusing on the idea of art as experience: aesthetic, intellectual, emotional, affective, psychological but also political, sociological and anthropological. Curator: Jesús Fuenmayor. Patricia Dauder will participate with a new sculptural production and the slide projection, In & Out (2016).

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  • Allen Ruppersberg: West by Midwest

    17 November 2018 — 27 January 2019


    Divided into six sections, West by Midwest presents more than 80 artworks by 63 artists from the 1960s through the 2010s. Allen Ruppersberg will not only show his work “The impossible girl” from 1985 in this exhibition, but will also give a talk together with Amanda Ross-Ho on Saturday, November 17th at 3 pm. Each section of the exhibition maps three overlapping forms of kinship: practice, or the ways that artists make and approach their work; place, or the spaces where artists congregate and exchange ideas; and people, or the manifold human relationships that compose artists’ personal and professional circles. Anchored by works in the MCA’s collection, West by Midwest eschews a definitive survey of individuals’ achievements to instead consider how artists move and make work within a larger field of relations.

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  • Christoph Weber: Structures of Thought

    26 October — 8 December 2018


    For Structure of Thought, curator Walter Seidl has put works together by some of the most interesting Austrian contemporary artists, of which some will be exhibiting for the first time in Bulgaria on this occasion. Between them Sabine Bitter/Helmut Weber, VALIE EXPORT, Sona Gangl, Maria Hahnenkamp, Christoph Weber, Franz West, Heimo Zobernig.
    The show consists of a diverse selection of works including: photography, video work, drawings, sculptures and installations. They examine the structures that define current conditions of perception and seek for alternatives in order to testify how individuals have to adapt but also argue against the notions of given space and its forms of visuality.

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  • Ana Jotta curates with Ricardo Valentim Show from A to C

    19 October 2018 — 14 January 2019


    The works of Al Cartio (Honolulu, 1951) and Constance Ruth Howes (Baltimore, 1947) may not at first glance seem to have much in common. Other than the fact that both spent time in Portugal­ – Cartio in 1981, and Howes in 2015 – there is little stylistically and biographically, that connects or relates them. However, the closer examination of their œuvres provided by this exhibition, curated by Ana Jotta and Ricardo Valentim, puts their work in dialogue, revealing surprising links between their ways of seeing and considering reality.

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  • Matt Mullican: Citrus North

    20 October — 16 November 2018


    Easy!upstream is an influential artist collective organizing group shows of contemporary art in alternating spaces. For the exhibition Citrus North, curator Susi Gelb, chose works by Karin Sander, Vanessa Billy, Matias Faldbakken, Lena Henke, Matt Mullican, Niko Abramidis &NE, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Susi Gelb and Bruno Gironcoli. The show takes place in the centre of Munich at Leopoldstrasse 184.

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  • Dora García: Multitudinous Seas

    15 October — 16 December 2018


    For the 17th edition of Propos d’Europe, yearly contemporary art exhibition dedicated to cultural diversity in Europe, the Hippocrène Foundation invited Iordanis Kerenidis and Piergiorgio Pepe, collectors and founders of the Phenomenon association, to present an exhibition and a program.

    The project brings together all participants from the project Phenomenon that takes place every two years on the remote Greek island of Anaf. Phenomenon includes performances, conferences, projections and an exhibition throughout Anaf and has been exploring since 2015 questions around (in)visibility in relation to language, light, history, and marginality. Dora Garía is one of the artists of the exhibition, whose performance The Plague will be performed as part of it on 20th November at 7:30 pm.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Predicted Autumn

    12 October — 16 December 2018

    SOLO SHOW, Musée d'art contemporain de Rochechouart

    Jochen Lempert’s photographic prints, invariably in black and white on matte baryta paper, recreate a classification of the living between scientific rigor and research of the sublime. Jochen Lempert does not look for the extraordinary. On the contrary, it captures the innocuous, the impermanent and a certain poetry of everyday life.

    Situated in the Château de Rochechouart, the museum has distinguished itself over the years for its ongoing dialogue between contemporary creation and historic heritage and the three fundamental themes have been foremost in the composition of the collection and the exhibitions: history, landscape and the imagination.

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  • Ana Jotta & Hans-Peter Feldmann: Metaphoria III

    6 October — 11 November 2018


    Metaphoria III is the third opus of a series of touring exhibitions in Europe that consider contemporary art as a research platform: a dialogue between visual arts and poetry, using the metaphor as a medium. Here we take the metaphor in a literal manner, as the contemporary Greeks hear it: a means of transport. After Portugal and Greece, here it is in France. Between other artists, also Hans-Peter Feldmann and Ana Jotta exhibit works in the show.

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  • Patricia Dauder: The Undecided Landscapes

    5 October 2018 — 12 January 2019

    GROUP SHOW, ACVIc Centre d`arts contemporànies, Vic

    The undecided landscapes is a collective exhibition which seeks to intensify, through performative actions, the connection with physical territory. Whether natural or urban environments or spaces suspended between one and the other, to challenge their habitual functions involves, from the field of the visual arts, a critical approach which prioritises unplanned temporary activation over its contemplative condition. In this sense, the show distils an implicit, latent performativity, asserting indecision and instability as possible systems of significance of a specific territory. Next to Patricia Dauder, Judit Bou, Mònica Planes and Jorge Yeregui are participating in it.

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  • Xavier Ribas: Pendulum – Moving Goods, Moving Images

    3 October 2018 — 13 January 2019


    The group show Pendulum – Moving Goods, Moving Images is combining selected works from the collection of the MAST Foundation that deal with the historical and contemporary narrations and distribution of common goods and values within our globalized world. Next to a work by Xavier Ribas, the exhibition also presents artworks from international acclaimed artists like Ulrich Gebert, Yto Barrada, and Richard Mosse, but also historical material from artists like Helen Levitt and Lewis Hine.

    MAST Foundation, based in Bologna, is an international cultural and philanthropic institution that focuses on art, technology and innovation.

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  • Guillaume Leblon & Christoph Weber: Face Contre Terre

    29 September — 18 November 2018


    Face contre terre reunites all the artists from Galerie Jocelyn Wolff celebrating the gallery’s 15th Anniversary. Between them also Christoph Weber and Guillaume Leblon. The SHED is an artist run space, located near Rouen in Normandy. Its 1 400 m2 building is part of a former candle wick factory.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Mimicry- Empathy

    28 September — 30 November 2018


    MIMICRY—EMPATHY is an exhibition on the dissolution of the self as a gesture a of empathy, curated by Anne-Sophie Dinant and Amirali Ghasemi, at the Lajevardi Foundation in Karim Khan, Tehran. In biology, mimicry implies a mostly visual adaptation to a different life form, which could be beneficial in some situations and, ultimately, secure survival. Besides making someone less visible, mimicry can also be a way of becoming more attractive, to be seen and favored over others. With works by Jochen Lempert, as well as artists like Ulla von Brandenburg, Berta Fischer, Alexandra Leykauf and Annette Kelm.

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  • Matt Mullican: You`ve eaten Roses, now you`ll drink the Moon!

    12 September 2018 — 12 January 2019

    GROUP SHOW, Forum Arte Braga, Portugal

    The exhibition You’ve eaten Roses, now you’ll drink the Moon! brings together for the first time a major body of works from the Leal Rios Foundation outside its home in Lisbon. Committed to the legacy of Conceptual art through artworks that materialise the troika of space, time and body, the foundation can be counted among a handful of significant collections in Portugal that foreground a curatorial stance in shaping the collecting and preserving of artworks. By placing works in new contexts their lifespan is extended; accordingly, the exhibition expands upon the principle that art is never entirely finished, but remains in the process of making, an activity that requires engagement by artists, curators and audiences. Next to works by Matt Mullican, works by artists like Helena Almeida, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Francisco Tropa and many others are on view.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Surface Matters

    25 September 2018 — 22 February 2019


    This project shows important photographic works selected from the collection of Massimo Orsini and presented on ceramic wall modules, which challenge surface, the gaze and their own narrative content. Not just an exhibition, but an unexpected path of images, an innovative stratified setting in close dialogue with the architecture of the space.
    40 photographs by 26 artists, from Man Ray to Richard Prince, by way of Robert Adams, Robert Mapplethorpe, Luigi Ghirri, but also Wolfgang Tillmans, Jochen Lempert, Cindy Sherman, Thomas Demand, Louise Lawler, and Zoe Leonard.

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  • Marc Nagtzaam: The Line Up – The Power Of Drawing

    22 September — 18 November 2018


    The exhibition The Line Up: The Power of Drawing at Centraal Museum Utrecht presents a wide selection of drawings by internationally renowned artists and upcoming talent, both from Utrecht and far beyond. Works from the museum’s own collection are displayed alongside loans and pieces created especially for the exhibition. Centraal Museum Utrecht offers in this an extensive and rich overview of the practice of drawing from 1950 to today and seeks to display the diversity of the phenomenon of drawing: the great variety in techniques, approaches and images. From intimate sketches to monumental wall pieces, from quick scribbles to detailed, figurative elaborations, from pencil on paper to cartoons and animations.

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer: Kunststoff – Gallery of Material Culture

    21 September 2018 — 6 January 2019


    Dedobbeleer’s practice explores sculpture, design, architecture and systems of display. He examines how value is ascribed to certain materials and practices, always with a lightness of touch or understated sense of humour. The show’s title Kunststoff is a German word that translates as “plastic” but which is composed of the words “art” and “material”. The exhibition is curated by Zoë Gray and shows over 40 artworks including 15 new productions and is done in collaboration with Kunst Museum Winterthur. The show is accompanied by Dedobbeleer’s first monograph, which traces the development of his practice since 2006 through a selection of 16 generously illustrated exhibitions.

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  • Christoph Weber and Pieter Vermeersch: The Fragrance of Images

    19 September 2018 — 6 January 2019


    This exhibition presents a selection of works carefully brought together to demonstrate the association between smell, memory and the construction of visual language. It is a basic human instinct to document, preserve, and materialize experience, often translated and existing as an archive of sorts, a reference to a time lived. It is an affirmation of cultural identity frequently associated with the psychical space of the mind. The exhibition presents a diverse group of works, of artists like Christoph Weber, Pieter Vermeersch, Wolfgang Tillmans and Rebecca Horn, in a wide variety of media, with an emphasis on process and in many cases the use of found objects.

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  • Hans-Peter Feldmann: Who was 1968?

    28 September 2018 — 13 January 2019


    The year I968 marks a turning point that ushered in a new era. Across Western Europe and in the United States Student protests and workers’ revolts called into question the post-war power structure itself, while Soviet tanks bulldozed the Prague Spring into the ground and signalled the end of the hope that the Eastern Bloc would open up to the West. This exhibition harks back to the echoes of I968 in Linz and Upper Austria. Embracing the arts, architecture, music, film and literature, it unfolds for the first time a synoptic map on which key figures and moments of local history – some largely unknown to this day – are accorded a place. This group show Who was 1968? exhibitis works by Hans-Peter Feldmann next to those of artists like Waltraut Cooper, Stanisław Dróżdż, Erró, Valie Export and Harun Farocki.

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  • Peter Piller: Periphery Walk Leverkusen

    23 September 2018 — 6 January 2019


    For almost twenty years Peter Piller has been making peripheral excursions, or Peripheriewanderungen (Periphery Walks) in various European cities. In Hamburg, the Ruhr region, Bonn, Graz, and Barcelona he has explored small sections of areas marking the outer borders of urban settlement in cities and regions of varying size. In carrying out these walks Peter Piller follows things that catch his eye as well as cues from his memory, ending his excursion once he feels unable to take in anything more. When something particularly interests him on one of his explorations, he departs from his determined routes, wanders around through the area, or even simply waits for a key moment. The exhibition is showing the archives of photographs and drawings which are the result of Pillers walk in the periphery of Leverkusen.

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  • J. Lempert & G. Leblon: show “L” at Le Frac Île-de-France

    22 September 2018 — 10 February 2019

    GROUP SHOW, Le frac île-de-france

    From 22nd September 2018 to 10th February 2019 the frac île-de-france is holding an exhibition with works from its collection at the Château de Rentilly, where the selection of works is left purely to chance : a random draw, open to everyone  via a plugin on the frac website, has taken place from May 25 to June 10, to choose a letter from the alphabet determining the artists to be exhibited. The ‘winning’ letter is ‘L‘ : all artists in the collection whose name begins with ‘L’ are  part of the exhibition and all their works will systematically be exhibited. Next to Guillaume Leblon and Jochen Lempert, there will be works on view from artists like Mark Leckey, Frédéric Lefever, Marie Legros, Pierre Leguillon, Ken Lum, Marie Lund and Guy de Lussigny.

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  • Dora García: Exile at Witte de With

    9 September 2018 — 6 January 2019


    A group exhibition with work by Dora García, Sharon Hayes, Emily Jacir, Mahmoud Khaled, Carlos Motta, Wu Tsang, and Akram Zaatari, as well as a letter by Quinn Latimer explores the ways in which visual artists are reflecting on the history and present articulations of the epistolary form. Dora García shows ‘EXILE’ (2012), a growing collection of postal correspondence, this ongoing project includes, to date, more than 700 letters, postcards, clippings, photographs and documents that regard experiences and meanings of exile.

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  • Matt Mullican: 33rd São Paulo Biennale

    7 September — 9 December 2018


    Part of São Paulo Biennale the group show To our parents is combining works that deal with repetition, narrative and translation. Alejandro Cesarco realizes in it a curatorship of artworks from artists like Matt Mullican, Louise Lawler, Henrik Olesen et. al. that share his conceptual and aesthetic concerns. To our Parents is a dedication, an offering, a form of address, a definition of audience. It is an acknowledgment of the past, and the continuing presence of the past in the present. Some of the questions the show poses are how the past (our history) both enables and frustrates possibilities, how we rewrite the past with our work, and how difference is produced in repetition. More generally, the show calls attention to the structures that allow for certain narratives while silencing others.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Botanical Box

    1—19 September 2018


    The exhibition titled Botanical Box is co-organized by the Office for Photography and the Croatian Photographic Union, and curated by Sandra Križić Roban(Zagreb) and Maren Lübbke-Tidow(Berlin). In Zagreb, the artist will present a part of his distinctive oeuvre dominated by photographs with an exceptionally refined aesthetic and nature motifs. Educated as a biologist, Lempert began making art photography in the early 1990s, featuring animals, plants and natural phenomena, and which displays a unique blend of poetic sensibility and research curiosity.

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  • G. Leblon, A. Ruppersberg: Front International

    14 July — 30 September 2018

    Group Show, Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art

    Guillaume leblon and Allen Ruppersberg participate at FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art, an exhibition comprised of artist commissions, performances, films, and public programs that will launch its inaugural edition in July of 2018. An American City: Eleven Cultural Exercises, in collaboration with museums, civic institutions, and alternative spaces across Cleveland, Akron and Oberlin, will showcase an ambitious roster of projects, including performance and theater throughout the landscape and built environment. With a roster of national, international and area-based artists at all points in their career, FRONT will examine the ever-changing and politically urgent conditions of an American city.

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  • Dora García: Premio Arte y Mecenazgo 2018

    11 July 2018


    The Arte y Mecenazgo Awars, given by La Caixa Fondation, is a recognition to contemporary artists whose work contributes to the better knowledge and enrichment of Spanish cultural legacy. Dora García has presented her work in relevant contexts, both national and international and, among many other accomplishments, she has contributed to renew the artistic languages and to deepen in the subjects and problematics that her oeuvre addresses.

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  • Pieter Vermeersch: ‘Le Grand Monnayage’, 8e Biennale de Melle

    30 June — 23 September 2018


    “Le Grand Monnayage” brings together works by a number on international artists in the historical sites and landmarks of the French village. A large painting installation is the work by Vermeersch presented in the exhibition.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Class Reunion – Works from the Schürmann Collection

    23 June — 11 November 2018


    Gaby and Wilhelm Schürmann do not see their collection as just private property or a prestige object, but rather as an item of cultural value that needs exchange with the public. The rationale behind the collection, held in Herzogenrath near Aachen and in Berlin, is both creative and productive, and the two collectors’ practice can be described as a particularly free-spirited form of cultural production. Works from Jochen Lempert are presented with artworks by Monika Baer, Heimo Zobernig, Michael E. Smith, Paul McCarthy and Stephen Prina.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Sudden Spring

    15 June — 21 October 2018


    Bildmuseet Umeå is dedicating Jochen Lempert his first solo exhibition in Scandinavia. Several of the photographs in the exhibition were taken in the artist’s hometown of Hamburg and in Umeå. In the exhibition space, Jochen Lempert displays his works without frames or other mountings. On close inspection, paradoxical and completely unexpected connections start to emerge between the images. By bringing motifs with common visual elements together, Lempert allows his subjects to initiate new, unexpected dialogues and thus opens up for new interpretations and associations.

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