• Dora García, End, three prologues (still), 2024 | 58 prólogos y un final (58 prologues and one end) | ProjecteSD

    Dora García, End, three prologues (still), 2024

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Dora García

58 prólogos y un final (58 prologues and one end)

Opening: 11.04.2024, 19.00 H.
Exhibition: 11.04.2024 - 18.06.2024

Dora García’s work is based on organizing knowledge as a material in its own right. Using extensive documentary research, she delves into complex topics such as the history of the irrational and subconscious mind forging links with the great names of literature, among them, Joyce. The oeuvre of Dora García folds up into writing, film, installation, and performance, as is centered around stories which she organises and stages, conjuring situations designed to engage the visitor and trigger unique, introspective experiences. The result of this multidisciplinary atlas is a highly conceptual and metaphorical discourse that addresses issues like the artistic dimension of fiction, marginality as a form of resistance, or the symbolic logics that condition our relationship with cultural spaces and products.


“I imagine there has never been a time in which it didn’t exist the feeling of a near end. For as long as memory has existed, entire worlds have ceased to exist, suspended at the edge of an abyss, without knowing whether a new world would replace them”.
Dora García