• IÑAKI BONILLAS. Diez cámaras documentadas acústicamente [Ten Cameras Documented Acoustically], 1999 | ARTORAMA 2020 | ProjecteSD

    IÑAKI BONILLAS. Diez cámaras documentadas acústicamente [Ten Cameras Documented Acoustically], 1999

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Dates: 28.08.2020 - 13.09.2020

ProjecteSD presents one only work by Iñaki Bonillas: Diez cámaras documentadas acústicamente [Ten Cameras Documented Acoustically]

This work is the result of an investigation of sound in photography. The artist has documented in a recording studio the variations of the shutter speeds from 10 different analog photographic cameras.

Diez cámaras documentadas acústicamente was first shown on the occasion of an exhibition called Foto Septiembre, an annual photography exhibition where every artist who was invited to take part in the show had to find his or her own spot or venue. I chose to work in Mexico City’s branch of Tower Records, and settled on a project that would – rather unorthodoxly – involve the store’s headphone listening station. I recorded the ‘sound’ of ten different cameras such as Pentax, Minolta, Nikon and the like (i.e. the sound of their shutters being pressed) onto a compact disc that was then inserted in the listening station. People would be shopping around Tower Records for the latest release, pick up a headphone set and all of a sudden hear this strange tapestry of stuttering shutter technology – an audiobased photographic work presented in the pretty straightforward ‘photographic’ context of a photo exhibition.”

As a sound document, this piece is a homage to a fast-disappearing technology. As a conceptual approach to the photographic realm, it is both the most radical and the most suggestive of all stimuli, exposing us to the recurring sound of a picture being made – a picture of which we know absolutely nothing.

Following this LINK you can access and experience the whole work.