• Iñaki Bonillas. Normal Exceptions: Contemporary Art in Mexico

    27 March — 15 August 2021

    Group show: Jumex collection, Mexico City

    Normal Exceptions: Contemporary Art in Mexico is a thematic survey of contemporary art in Mexico over the past 20 years. Drawing primarily from the Colección Jumex with additional works by invited artists and collaborators, the exhibition will fill the entire museum with more than 60 works by artists based in Mexico, including those of international origin, and Mexican artists living and working abroad. The museum’s galleries will be stripped down to their original design for the exhibition, allowing for the installation of large-scale, conceptual works and ample natural light throughout the galleries.

    Normal Exceptions continues Museo Jumex’s year-long series of exhibitions highlighting works from the renowned Colección Jumex, one of the leading collections of Mexican art, and one of the most significant private collections of contemporary art in Latin America.

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  • Asier Mendizabal: A Fire in my belly

    6 February — 12 December 2021

    GROUP SHOW: Julia Stoschek collection, Berlin

    A FIRE IN MY BELLY is a large collection exhibition, featuring over thirty artists from different generations and backgrounds, who in a variety of mediums and contexts examine the ways in which experiences of violence and loss are enacted, witnessed, and transformed. Comprising film, video, photography, painting, sculpture, and poetry, the exhibition explores how artists negotiate and transcend these experiences through personal and political gestures of protest and resistance. The works included in A FIRE IN MY BELLY thus alternate between moments of tension, poetry, and release.

    Curators: Lisa Long and Julia Stoschek
    Curatorial Assistant: Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung

    Sophia Al-Maria, Peggy Ahwesh, Monica Bonvicini, Bernadette Corporation, Paul Chan, Thomas Demand, Maria Anna Dewes, Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach, Marcel Dzama, Trisha Donnelly, Tracey Emin, Brock Enright, Cyprien Gaillard, Barbara Hammer, Leila Hekmat, Anne Imhof, Arthur Jafa, Rindon Johnson, Zoe Leonard, Klara Lidén, Adam McEwen, Ana Mendieta, Asier Mendizabal, Colin Montgomery, Nandipha Mntambo, Adrian Piper, Laure Prouvost, Rob Pruitt, Robin Rhode, Bunny Rogers, Marianna Simnett, Jack Smith, P. Staff, caner teker, Kandis Williams, David Wojnarowicz

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  • Patricia Dauder: Bajo la superficie (miedos, monstruos, sombras)

    11 December 2020 — 17 April 2021

    GROUP SHOW: Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque, Madrid,

  • Xavier Ribas: Soooooo Lazy. Elogio del derroche ( Soooooo Lazy: In Praise of Squandering)

    26 November 2020 — 18 April 2021

    GROUP SHOW: Caixaforum, Barcelona

    “It’s obviously a question of regarding laziness –or non-productive inactivity– not from an ethical point of view, where it is frowned upon, as in the classical reproach of parents to their children: “Don’t waste your time, make the most of it.” Sooooo Lazy proposes thinking about laziness in the light of economic theory and events we have been through in the last few years, including the recent experience of a pandemic that has forced our system to slow down. By suggesting a storyline that yearns for wasting time instead of using it productively and destroying wealth before accumulating it, the selected pieces propose a criticism of contemporary hyperactivity and introduce hope for a redistribution of resources and time to be able to rethink the norm.

    To accept squandering as something necessary and propose a different use of our time inherently implies an urgent reduction of work and involves an alternative way of understanding communal life. Our guides in this project have been, on the one hand, Duchamp’s rejection of work; on the other, Russell’s praise of idleness and Lafargue and Malevich’s worship of laziness and, finally, Arendt’s reflections in The Human Condition.”

    Works by Ângela Ferreira, Aernout Mik, Ignasi Aballí, Alberto Gil Casedas, Francesc Abad, Sharon Lockhart, Misha Bies Golas, Esther Ferrer, Agustín Parejo School, Constant, Priscila Fernandes, Xavier Ribas, Samuel Labadie, Camila Cañeque, Agnes Martin.

    Exhibition curated by Beatriz Escudero and Francesco Giavery

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  • Ana Jotta: X

    20 November 2020 — 4 July 2021


    To mark the reopening of the Frac site in Carquefou after having been closed for over a year for major work on its collections, the Frac des Pays de la Loire French Regional Collection of Contemporary Art is hosting anexhibition project by artist Claude Closky, entitled X.

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  • Iñaki Bonillas: Around the Day in Eighty Worlds

    26 November 2020 — 27 February 2021

    GROUP SHOW: CAPC Bordeaux

    Borrowing its title from an anthology of texts by Julio Cortázar, the exhibition Around the Day in Eighty Worlds revisits major works from the collection of the CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux from the perspective of shifting systems of representation. Like most European institutions, the CAPC built and developed its collection around a core group of male, European and more broadly Western artists, regardless of the fact that the city’s history since the seventeenth century has been dominated by its commercial and cultural relationships with Africa, Asia and the Americas. Today, in an era where the cultural, social and political context determines the way spectators but also art historians look at art, it is essential to take a fresh look at public collections, as they are asked to pave the way for a multipolar world that makes room for artists who, for various reasons, were previously marginalised in the canon of western art history. The unprecedented movement of cultural decentring that the world has been witnessing for several decades now, but whose cultural, political and social repercussions are only starting to be felt, calls for a fundamental reassessment of public art collections if we want to account for the complex processes at work in globalisation.

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  • Patricia Dauder. Ara mateix: tot està per fer i tot és possible

    10 November 2020 — 17 January 2021


    “All is yet to be done and all is possible”

    These words, written originally in Catalan, are not mine, but those of the poet Miquel Martí i Pol. They reflect the essence of my feelings and the need to not falter in my venture to guide artists and care for art. In artwork there resides a feeling of fundamental freedom for a fair society; in the act of doing there dwells a kind of love that is essential if we are to embrace the world in all its harshness. This exhibition is a tiny piece of a greater treasure – the artistic community that surrounds us – and I hope it serves to kindle a desire to band together, to feel, to listen and to see the world as one.

    Chus Martínez and Rosa Lleó

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  • Ana Jotta: An Oasis at Sunset. 20th anniversary of the EDP Foundation Awards

    29 October 2020 — 18 February 2021


    This year, the EDP Foundation celebrates the 20th anniversary of the creation of the EDP Foundation New Artists Award and the EDP Foundation Art Grand Prize with an exhibition which will bring together, for the first time and in an unprecedented way, works by the artists who won the various editions of the two awards – An Oasis at Sunset. 20th Anniversary of the EDP Foundation Awards, to be held between 29 October 2020 and 18 February 2012. Curated by Inês Grosso and Rosa Lleó, the exhibition promotes a unique dialogue and interaction between artists of different generations and languages, and presents, side by side, a selection of both pre-existing works and artwork created especially for this occasion.

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  • Patricia Dauder. Architecture into art: a dialogue

    10 October 2020 — 14 March 2021

    GROUP SHOW: Centro Botín, Santander

    The histories of art and of architecture are intrinsically linked. Over the course of time, artists and architects have collaborated, the former painting frescoes and/or producing wall reliefs and sculptures inside buildings imagined by the latter. The advent of the museum — a public space whose sole function is to collect, conserve, and present art —modified the dynamics of that relationship. Indeed, if the building becomes the repository of the work of art, the question of its importance as a context becomes more salient. This is even more so when an architect of renown conceived the building for that purpose, as is for instance the case with Centro Botín.

    Works by: Leonor Antunes; Miroslaw Balka; Carlos Bunga; Martin Creed; Patricia Dauder; Fernanda Fragateiro; Carlos Garaicoa; Carsten Höller; Julie Mehretu; Jorge Mendez Blake; Muntadas; Juan Navarro Baldeweg; Sara Ramo; Anri Sala; Juliao Sarmento.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Eroded Landscape

    3 October — 14 December 2020

    GROUP SHOW: Musée de Rochechouart

    Mathieu K. Abonnenc, Vanessa Billy, Rossella Biscotti, Tony Cragg, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Richard Deacon, Julien Discrit, David Horvitz, Anya Gallaccio, Rodney Graham, Jochen Lempert, Christian Lindow, Christiane Löhr, Richard Long, Jean-Charles de Quillacq, Gilberto Zorio

    In the early 90s, Tony Cragg made a sculpture consisting of sandblasted glassware stacked in a form that simultaneously suggested the outlines of a landscape and the display of artefacts from an archaeological dig. The title it gave to the work, Eroded Landscape, points first and foremost to the passage of time and the resultant gradual erasure of whatever it has produced.

    Under the same title, the current exhibition surveys three decades of acquisitions for the museum’s collection, revealing an uninterrupted fascination with art that is minimal, schematic and condensed in form. Selected works by 16 artists are displayed in Rochechouart Castle’s 1st and 2nd floor galleries and the exhibition proposes a poetic itinerary centred around memory or souvenirs and the use of simple forms to transcribe natural phenomena. Pieces range from Richard Long’s ritualised artworks to Anya Gallaccio’s sublimation of light.

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  • Pieter Vermeersch: AICA Award Best exhibition 2019

    7 October — 3 December 2020

    Award: AICA Award Best exhibition 2019, Museum Leuven, Leuven

    Pieter Vermeersch wins the Award for best exhibition in 2019 granted by AICA for his exhibition (including publication) at Museum Leuven last year. The date of the award ceremony to be held at Museum Leuven will be announced soon. Congratulations Pieter!

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  • Iñaki Bonillas: Companion Pieces: New Photography 2020

    21 September — 31 December 2020


    Launching on MoMA.org on September 21, 2020, Companion Pieces: New Photography 2020 is “on line ” exhibtion that traces correspondence between images — from pendant pictures that together convey a shared message; to visual echoes reverberating through montage; to photographic series that, woven together, deliver more complex accounts of the world. Through multiple features on MoMA’s Magazine, rolling out throughout the fall and accessible at moma.org, Companion Pieces will present recent works by eight artists working in the United States and internationally, Iñaki Bonillas (Mexican, born 1981) among them. Companion Pieces: New Photography 2020 is organized by Lucy Gallun, Associate Curator, Department of Photography.

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer and Ana Jotta: La Vie des Tables

    20 September — 13 December 2020

    GROUP SHOW: Centre d'art contemporain d'Ivry - le Crédac, Ivry-sur-Seine

    Ideas often arise from walking, swimming in the clear water of lakes, eating a toast of jam, during insomnia, playing Memory, reading inspired texts where new, solidly structured ideas develop . When they do appear, they should be squeezed hard enough to hold them to the worktable. Whether in the kitchen, workshop or office, tables are the place where intuitions take shape.

    The works sent by the artists in the show are exhibited at le Crédac on a multitude of tables gleaned while thinking of each of them: kitchen, work, formica, wood, plywood, painted or in the rough, square, rectangular or  circular. Simple in shape, these tables are so many islands that coexist and form an archipelago, composing a landscape evocative of the work of thought and intimacy, of the model, of the sketch or of the completed form.

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  • Iñaki Bonillas: Paint on a photo of a painting based on a photograph

    10 September — 23 December 2020

    GROUP SHOW: espacio artkunstarte, MADRID

    Selected works from the r/e collection. This title describes 128 Fotos von einem Bild, Halifax 1978 IV (1998), by Gerhard Richter, a starting point from which the ideas of this exhibition have been built out of, bringing together works by just a few of the many artists working with both photographic and painting concepts and processes simultaneously.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Parliament of Plants

    6 September 2020 — 17 January 2021

    group show: Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz

    The artists in this exhibition illustrate principles of nature, give voices to plants from a wide range of different perspectives and testify to the extraordinary qualities of these creatures inextricably linked with our survival. A production of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, curated by Christiane Meyer-Stoll with Annett Höland, co-curator of the project space.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Photographien

    30 August — 25 October 2020

    SOLO SHOW: Amden Atelier, Amden, Switzerland

    This year’s exhibition cycle at the Amden Atelier opens on Sunday, 30 August 2020, from 2–5 p.m. The exhibition is a result of our collaboration with the curator Christiane Meyer-Stoll, whose latest show Parliament of Plants at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in Vaduz (6 September 2020 to 17 January 2021, www.kunstmuseum.li) will feature some new works by Lempert.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Hochsommerliche Aerosole

    14 August — 5 September 2020


    RICHAS DIGEST, is an exhibition space for photography, art and publications, that opened in 2014, one year after the foundation of the eponymous journal for photography. Regular events include exhibitions, book presentations and thematic “art book sales”.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Phenotype

    17 July — 26 August 2020

    Solo exhibition at CAC Vilnius

    ‘Phenotype’ – an exhibition of analogue photography by German photographer Jochen Lempert, installed in the CAC’s Great Hall presents works by the artist that have largely been created over the past five years.

    Friday 17 July from 6pm: Exhibition opening.

    Saturday 18 July at 3pm: Exhibition tour with artist Jochen Lempert and exhibition curator Asta Vaičiulytė.

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  • Jochen Lempert: PHE 2020

    1 July — 30 October 2020

    GROUP SHOW: Festival OFF Photoespaña 2020

    PHotoESPAÑA has invited to the Festival Off galleries from all over Spain to be part of its digital platform. Each of the participating 107 galleries present the work of one artist to be “exhibited” in a large virtual show within the festival’s web page. With this iniciative PHotoESPAÑA aims to support the authors and their galleries offering them a new channel to give visibility to their projects.

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  • Gilda Mantilla & Raimond Chaves: El sauce ve de cabeza la imagen de la garza

    20 June — 4 October 2020


    Group show curated by Catalina Lozano. The exhibition  explores the construction of landscapes as neutralized images, that is, as places where the notions of nature and culture converge and visualize the transition between them, showing often the relationships between its technical and ideological aspects.

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  • Hans-Peter Feldmann: III Premio Bienal de Arte Monumental Otazu

    22 February 2020


    Hans-Peter Feldmann is the winner of the III Biennial prize of Monumental Sculpture by the Fundación Otazu. During the 4th edition of its ArtWeekend, the Fundación Otazu will unveil the awarded monumental piece, Tiempo, by Feldmann.

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  • Matt Mullican: Representing the Work

    16 February — 18 October 2020


    In 2020, the MAC’s will be presenting the first retrospective in Belgium of the Californian artist Matt Mullican. Since the early 1970s, Matt Mullican has sought to structure the world and to understand it using various supports (stone slabs, flags and banners, stained-glass windows or computer assisted compositions, etc.) to establish a truly personal cosmology. This mental map, which he named “the five worlds”, refers to the various levels of perception with which he associates colours (yellow for art, red for ideas, etc.). In this way the artist will invade the space of the MAC’s to plunge the visitor into the heart of his original universe and confront us with the numerous aspects which characterise human life.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Pictures from Another Wall

    15 February — 5 July 2020


    Jochen Lempert work will be shown in this group show along with artists Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff, Andreas Gursky, Andres Serrano, Deana Lawson, Viviane Sassen and Jean-Luc Mylayne.

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  • Dora García: Love with Obstacles

    14 February — 17 May 2020


    For her first solo exhibition in the United States, Dora García (b. Valladolid, 1965) focuses on her work of the recent years to open new platforms of analysis, reflection and visibility. Through a practice that prioritizes the use of performance in a participative manner, García will transform the Lois Foster Gallery into a living platform to investigate the relationship between audience, architecture and artistic work.

    Love with Obstacles includes both newly commissioned works and existing projects, and also features drawings, films, intervened documents and letters that will be activated through performances and readings to articulate a collective space where dialogue is central. Two newly commissioned works will be premiered at the Rose Art Museum: the film Love with Obstacles, focusing on the legacy of the extraordinary author, feminist, October revolutionary, political exile and diplomat, Alexandra Kollontai (St. Petersburg,1872– Moscow, 1952) who advocated for the sexual emancipation of women and radical equality; The Labyrinth of Female Freedom, a performance where female poetics and politics meet; and a new Golden Sentence: “She has many names” opens the exhibition. Love with Obstacles also brings together for the first time rarely seen documents from Brandeis University Special Collections that the artist has personally selected and classified, highlighting  the institution´s unique legacy of committed work to social justice and in the struggle for human rights.

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  • Hans-Peter Feldmann & Jochen Lempert: Botanicals

    13 February — 1 November 2020


    Plants or vegetal forms representation have been a constant through history of photography. Whether from the objective photography or the idea of archive, several artists have decided focusing on plants. Understanding this exhibition as a garden, ‘Botanicals’ creates a visual narration from artworks within Per Amor a l’Art collection, including artists as Jochen Lempert, Karl Blossfeldt, Imogen Cunningham Hans-Peter Feldmann, Jonas Mekas, Alessandra Spranzi o Pierre Verger.

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  • Marc Nagtzaam: Der Schnitt

    2 February — 7 March 2020


    Marg Nagtzaam will be part of this group show at Valerie Traan, Antwerp, along with Frederic Geurts, Haleh Redjaian and John Van Oers.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Jardin d’Hiver

    24 January — 29 March 2020


    The show at Le Crédac called Jardin d’hiver (Winter Garden) followed on Sudden Spring and Predicted Autumn, [1] a program that the artist pursued in time with the seasons. Lempert designed an installation of vitrines like botanical cases but holding photo compositions that play out a vegetal motif as the prints of a nature hanging on the promise of renewal. An Ipomoea tricolor (the morning glory), a detail from Botticelli’s Spring, and the floral print of a cotton shirt are elements that form a visual narrative through the play of free conceptual or formal associations fashioned by the artist.

    [1] At the Bildmuseet, University of Umeå, Sweden (2018), and the Musée d’art contemporain de la Haute-Vienne, Château de Rochechouart (2018).

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  • Dora García: Film (Hôtel Wolfers)

    17—21 December 2019


    Shot in black and white, the film intertwines two narratives. The visual part of the work shows a path through the interior of the famous Maison Wolfers in Brussels, designed by Henry van de Velde. Dora García uses conventions of the subjective camera, which, like a furtive and distracted eye, at a slow and watchful pace, scans the interior of the mansion in decline. Parallel to the image, the audio of the piece develops, transpiring at the same slow pace. It is a description narrated by a male voice that has nothing to do with the images and describes the actions and shots of the only film made by Samuel Beckett, Film (1964), one of the first to use the subjective camera or point-of-view technique. Through this double narrative of audio and video, the artist places us as participating subjects in a scenario that moves between reality and fiction.

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  • Jochen Lempert: Fotos and Büchern (Photos around Books)

    7 December 2019 — 16 February 2020


    For his exhibition at Camera Austria, Jochen Lempert puts his black-and-white photographs in relation to publications from the extensive library on site. The horizontal display gives rise to a visual dialogue by different photographic carrier mediums, so that form- and content-related design patterns are apparent among the books, as well as narratives, typological features, and associative connections.

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  • Koenraad Dedobbeleer: Sache – Gallery of Material Culture

    30 November 2019 — 26 January 2020


    Belgian artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer’s solo exhibition at Kunstverein Hannover is a joint cooperation with Wiels contemporary art center in Brussels and Kunst Museum Wintherhur. The artist’s exhibition in Hannover will consist in further works developed especially for the space. The interplay between outside and inside, which is sometimes overlooked in the museum architecture of the Kunstverein, will receive special attention through the site-specific installations that the artist is planning. For example, he will address and elegantly stage the partially non-existent or invisible heating systems and other special features of the rooms.
    Content-related research on Hannover, particularly on the significance of artistic spaces such as those of El Lissitzky and Kurt Schwitters, but also on the importance of Alexander Dorner, will form the basis of the exhibition. In this way, Dedobbeleer will draw specific reference to Kunstverein Hannover both formally (spatially) and in terms of content (historically).

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